Special Events
Support and Services

Producing a successful event starts with picking the right partners.
Our experience with premieres, film festivals, and other special events makes us the ideal choice.

Cinema and Film Festivals

Unforgettable experiences.

Screenings, premieres, film festivals are an important part of the motion picture industry. With their many moving parts, producing one of these events is a considerable undertaking, and selecting a capable A/V partner is crucial to their success.

Major film studios and other high-profile industry clients have relied on us for all of their technical needs for decades. Our experience in providing this service is second to none.
We offer:
  • Planning and logistics.
    We'll work with you and your venue to determine the best possible way to achieve the vision you have in mind. We'll make technical plans and determine what resources are needed.
  • One-stop shopping.
    We'll provide any needed equipment.
  • Presentation management.
    We'll provide around-the-clock technical staff to set up and operate the equipment or supervise venue staff.
  • DCI calibration and quality checking.
    This includes: image luminance/color calibration, image geometry/focus adjustment, and graphic equalization, synchronization, and SPL measurement of audio channels.

  • Only looking for support options?
    Whether you just need a consultation, a technician to run a show for a single day, or content management/creation services, we have plenty of ancillary support options too!

Non-Cinema and Traditional A/V

Picture-perfect presentation.

Our professional A/V support and services don't stop at cinema. If your event has needs for A/V playback, remote streaming, projection, video/LED walls, microphones, mixers, speakers, staging/lighting, etc., we can help!

Our wide variety of non-cinema clients have included:

  • Corporate and government
  • Museums and exhibition galleries
  • Churches and houses of worship
  • Live music and theater groups
  • Restaurants, sport bars, and nightclubs
  • Retail stores and trade shows
  • Hotels and hospitality groups
  • Private residences

Support Options

We've got you covered.

Technical Staffing

We can provide technicians and qualified projectionists to operate your professional A/V and Digital Cinema equipment for terms as short as one day or for an extended duration.


Have everything else covered and just need assitance with the A/V planning phase of your event? We offer consulting at affordable rates.

Equipment Sales/Rentals

As an authorized vendor for most major professional A/V equipment brands, we're a one-stop shop for all projection, sound, screen, and other A/V equipment needs.

Content Management

We can manage content and print traffic for your film festival. Do you just need us to accept deliverables? Or would you like us to work directly with your filmmakers in creating deliverables and quality checking their content? We can do both. How far we take it is up to you.

DCP Mastering

Do you need any of your assets converted to DCI-compliant digital cinema packages? We offer competitive rates and quick turnarounds. Electronic and physical delivery options available.

Venue Assistance

Can't find anywhere to have your event? We can assist in finding the perfect screening room, theater, or alternative venue to suit your needs. New York metro area only.